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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 20, 2016 4:00am-4:31am MDT

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. the suspect put his hand on the side and pulled out a handgun. >> did you know what your son was doing? >> no. >> you had no idea? >> a direct link from new yor >> new details surrounding new motives in how the suspect may have been radicalized. >> now, donald trump is calming for racial profiling. hillary clinton has a different reaction. all this as president obama prepares to address the united nations today. battles rage on with many children feeling the brunt of the fallout. could today's russia-u.s. talks change all that neighborhood,
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officer shooting an unarmed black suspect. hillary clinton hits the "tonight" show. "early today" starts right now. >> the frightening events that ravaging the new york metropolitan area remember after a massive man hunt that enlisted millions for the new jersey bombing suspect ended in a hail of gunfire the gunfight came after over those bombs hours after investigators released his photos to the public. for the first time, we are now hearing from the bar owner, the first to find the suspect asleep outside his tamp. >> when we saw his face, he just pulled a gun and shot, pop, pop. he shot twice and i think he shot want to in time.
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the suv and started choking at him. he went between the cars, i heard 30, 40 shots like that pow, pow, pow. >> this morning, verdict itself are focusing on what, if anything, the suspect may have had in a motive for planting those bombs. >> reporter: the man hunt turned into a foot chase and ended in a the suspect shot multiple times, wheeled into an ambulance alive after investigators say he opened fire on two officers. >> i mainly seen the cop just shooting at the suspect it just sounded like, you know, pop, pop, pop pop pop. >> reporter: after police and federal agents were subpoenaing, a responding officer iraqi
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happened from his side and shot one fire at the officer, strike him. >> two officers were rooupd wound, along with rahamu, an afghanistan radicaled person born in afghanistan. >> rather than this individual acted alone and what his motivations mafbl. >> reporter: police ask for the public's help in finding him, sending this first of its kind emergency alert, warning to be over five members of his family and taking them in for questioning. the suspect's father spoke exclusively to npc news. >> did you know that your son was doing this? >> no i'm not sure what's happening. >> reporter: rahami lived with his father, above his family's restaurant. the fbi scoured his home, up
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away a car. you sources say he was walking away from this place and later this device, a rigged pressure cooker that never detonated found four blocks away. >> better safe than sorry so i interstate stairs and kauls called 911. they responded immediately. >> reporter: investigators believe he plaptd an ied along the route of a charity ra we need to shut down this run. >> reporter: then a 30 explosion less than mile from his home. two homeless men alerted police after stumbling on a backpack in a trash can filled with five explosive devices. this blast accidentally triggered by the bomb squad. it was near a busy rail lean and a pub, all evacuated. an act of terror, say police.
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state charges have been file against rahami for five counts of attempting to kill an officer. he is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow. >> with six days to go before the first presidential debate the comments in new york and new jersey immediately purn turned political. donald trump immediately for racial profiling across the country. >> i didn't say they were muslim. >> how do they look suspicious? >> i don't know. these are expertles. that's what they, do they profile. you go to israel, they should study, israel has done a phenomenal job. they're not happy about it. they do it. people aren't complaining about it. but we have to profile. honestly, whatever it is, i'm not using the term muslim, i'm saying you have to profile.
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from the trump camp with donald trump, jr., posting this tweet. comparing syrian refugees caught in the civil war to a bowl of kaepd skittles. skittles responded with this statement saying, quote, skittles are candy. refugees are people. we don't feel it is appropriate analogy. we will respect flu refrain from further comme we say could be termed as marked. >> that came after donald trump took this victory lap following the recent bombings. >> i was criticized for calling it correctly. i should be a newscaster, i called it be every the news. what i said is i was correct. everybody said, while he was right, he called it too soon. give mae break. >> hillary clinton blamed him
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recruitments. >> we know donald trump's comments have been used online for recruitment of terrorists. we've heard that from former cia director michael hayden. he said, donald trump is being used as a recruiting sergeant for the terrorists. we also know from the former head of our counterterrorism center matt olsen, that the kinds of rhetoric and language that mr. trump has used is gi adversaries. >> yet the candidates made their best a attempts to be presidential, convening with world leaders for the u.n. general assembly. clinton pay have an unlikely allie on her side, reporting that former republican president george h.w. bush will vote for clinton in the fall. the news by a facebook post the former maryland lt. gov. and
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kennedy. so, yes, in this presidential cycle. the kennedy is adding a bush that looks to be voting a clinton. in syria, the humanitarian aid convoy is pushing the u.s. and russian to the brink t. airstrikes killed at least a dozen aid workers and severed life saving aid to some 78,000 people. it occurred hours after a fragile 7-day cease-fire brokered by the u.s. and russia came to an an outrageous attack and questioning whether a solution can be made amid claims that a cease-fire has been violated. matt, what more are you hearing this morning? >> reporter: good morning, that's right. not only is this cease-fire over, but the desperate agent the cease-fire was supposed to help has come under fire. at least 12 people are dead,
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this strife destroyed 18 out of 31 trucks that had been about to head out to aleppo. >> that food aid could have fed about 238,000 people in the city. if you have been following the cease-fire, which officially failed last night, you know this aid never hull u actually reached the starving civilians of aleppo. very little did. that's harmly because the syrian government was blocking the road despite the temporarily stopped over syria for most of the past week. now a program has been pour income from diplomat and aid agencies across the world. the u.s. state department as you mentioned said it was outraged by the attack. what went wrong? it seems like it was between the u.s. and not the combatantjs on the ground. >> outrage in tulsa, oklahoma a. federal probe has been opened in
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black man by a white officer. wheel show ahead. >> tropical storm julia is jill u still around and soaking north carolina. where is the stubborn storm headed next? >> it's died off, cleared back up. you can still see the circulation along this cold front open the east coast, soaking north carolina. and even some rain is moving up further to the north. we have a flash flood in effect. two-to-four inches higher widespread from the rem napts of julia. here's a closer look at the day ahead. well, the other story in summer is the heat. look at these temperatures in the southeast. we even have heat advisories in oklahoma and east texas. dallas 97, new orleans 94. memphis at 93. so it looks like we will end with a very hot end to summer.
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>> loading the news on disturbing footage shows tulsa police killed i kills an unarmed man. they are promising a full investigation into the unknown shooting death of terrence fletcher. >> reporter: the shooting seen from multiple angles. police officers unrelated call when they saw the stalled suvenl he refuses to follow their commands. >> i've got a subject who won't show me his hands. >> reporter: aerial media shows he has his hands up as he walks back to his veevenlg one officer deploys his taser, another deploys his weapon. >> shots fired! >> we saw that terrence did not have a weapon. we saw that terrence did not
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of four, his twin sister is devastated. >> his life matters. his life matters. >> reporter: the officer who fired her weapon is on paid administrative leave. >> we will achieve justice in this case. the department of justice has opened a separate civil rights investigation. tulsa leaders are asking any protest in the wake of the shooting remain peaceful. >> thanks, light and the heroic officer who stopped the staber in his tracks. the officer was off duty at the time but it didn't stop him from confronting the attacker at first range. the training instructor and former police chief was simply the right person at the right place at the right time. >> i believe there was divine intervention, i believe he was the person that ned to be there
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>> all ten people are now out of the hospital. ho focus has intensified on the lone attacker. he is identified by family and friends as dahir annan. while an isis-run news agency claimed to be the so-called soldier of the islamic state. police have pushed back against that claim. singer chris brown is scheduled to appear in an l.a. courtroom browns with arrested late last month after a woman accused him of threatening her with a gun in his home. it led to a ten-hour standoff with police. first lady michelle obama is expected to be on the late show promoting the let girls learn initiative, which lets girls around the world to go to school and is that i in school. you won't get a much better cause than that. you are watching "early today."
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>> this morning on "today" richard everything him reports on how suspect rahami has been radicalize. >> oil is also moving. cnbc is following it all, nancy, good morning.
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that's right. investors are keeping a look at oil, the mark could be over surprised they say by attacks. any time we hear those comments from an oil member, the real focus will be on the central blanks the u.s. bank of japan and the federal reserve off policy too also, it is a big day for wells fargo is due to be in front of a hearing t. wells fargo ceo is due to apologize once again. hillary clinton is issuing an open letter to customers saying they deserve a ceo apology as
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>> we just had donald trump on the show a couple days ago. >> i heard that. >> i heard that he left something in your dressing room, i apologize, i didn't know he left something behind. >> oh, yeah. >> we usually don't. he left that here. i can show you. >> let's look. i mean, let's see what's in there. >> this is a framed photo, it must be of his wife. that's not melania, is it? >> no, it's not. >> a cd. oh, i see, it's plink floyd, "the wall." >> that's as close as he's going to get to the wall. >> well played. unlike donald trump's visit. jimmy fallon didn't wrestle up hillary clinton's hair. >> he tried to humor. she tried. angela lancebury appeared at
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anniversary after gracing the audience with a surprise performance. ? as long as time ? ? as old as song ? >> that was the grammy award wing song "tell as old as time." lancebury is 90-years-old. she sang that song as mrs. in the emmy nominated song. >> disney will release a lot after all this time. tell has all this time. get that one? all right. this is "early today." thank you for being with us here. we'll be right back. at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly.
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boulder this morning.... needs to run their water so they can flush their pipes. there's sediment in the water from a construction project at the betasso water treatment facility. the city of boulder says its gotten reports of cloudy drinking water. if the water wait 30 minutes and try again. as a precaution--don't drink the water until it looks clear. good morning.. gary, corey and cheryl here with you - thanks for joining us this tuesday.. and belen is here! so good to see you -- fall is sneaking up on us - but when will we actually


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